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Bottom Line : 4.5 /5 - Excellent
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Reviewed by: Lewis Braxton on June 17, 2011

Good product with huge selection of bonuses. Has only natural ingredients, free shipping on selected orders as well as free male enhancement exercises that will help you to get most of the pills. Please check video for the full review

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  • No Side Effects
  • 100% Natural
  • Editor's Choice
  • 180 Days Money Back

Full Review

When you are reading a MaleExtra review, you are doing so for one very obvious reason: you want to make the best possible consumer purchasing decision based on your needs.

There are many male enhancement products on the market. Some of these products come with rather high price tags and no one wants to make an investment in a product that turns out to be less than desirable.

Many men wish they could increase their size. So, when they see a MaleExtra review, they might believe they have finally found the product which can deliver on all their expectations.


The Ambiguous Name

With a name like “MaleExtra” it is no surprise this male enhancement supplement draws in the attention of the consumer market. I always marvel at those products that do have much value to them that are mired down in inconspicuous and ambiguous names.

When you read a MaleExtra Review, you quickly realize that what this product claims to deliver is akin with its name. In essence, it is a male enhancement product that wishes to provide improvements to a wide range of sexual performance issues.

Of course, having a stellar name is one thing. The ability for the product to deliver on its moniker, its promises, and its marketing hype is quite another.


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Why Have I Been Disappointed In The MaleExtra Reviews That I Have Read?

Almost every Male Extra review talks about two things:

    • First, it talks about how the product works marvelously without any risk at all.
    • Second, it points you to the website where you can buy the actual product.

However most reviews do not provide any facts or figures, benefits and features.

The proper Male Extra review must answer these 4 simple questions:

    • How The Product Works
    • What Are The Ingredients
    • What Can The Product Actually Give You
    • What Are The Pros, Cons & Possible Side Effects

You just don’t need to know that it works and that is it. You need to know if you can afford it, if the ingredients can cause side effects, if the method suits you, if there are free trial offers and so on.

Since the most of the Male Extra reviews I’ve read are so hyped up, I have done my own research and I have created a more comprehensive Male Extra review.


What Is Male Extra And What Does MaleExtra Promise To Give You?

male extra reviewsMale Extra pills is a natural male enhancement supplement that mainly uses pomegranate juice to boost your sexual performance. It promises to:

    • Give You 3 Inches Increase To Your Penis Length
    • Hard Erections
    • Boost Your Libido
    • Ejaculation Control
    • And A Screaming Partner

It also encourages you to perform an easy to follow male enhancement exercise to improve the result.


Why Male Extra Is Different?

MaleExtra might not completely distinguish itself from other products but it does offer a potent proprietary blend that is delivered in a 1500mg serving. That is a significant amount and the impact on the penis from such an amount would likely be significant. Of course, the quality of the proprietary blend is really what counts.

Does it actually deliver value?

The answer to that question may vary from consumer to consumer. Different people have different physiologies which means their body will react differently to a supplement.

However, when you read a MaleExtra review, you will discover that this is a manufacturer that does pride itself in crafting a proper ingredient stack. That alone can contribute to the value it can potentially deliver to those in need of a reliable male enhancement formula.

I can say that MaleExtra does try to offer something special in the market as evidenced by the mix of unique supplements combined with DVD presented exercise programs.


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The Ingredients

    • Pomegranate
      Known to be an effective ingredient to boost erection hardness and helps the penile blood vessels to work properly. 
    • Epimediaum sagittatum
      It helps in blood flow and helps relaxes the muscles in the penis. It works like a natural Viagra.
    • Maca
      Used by our ancestors to increased their sexual desire. It worked for centuries and it sure will help enhance our libido.
    • Tangkat Ali
      Just like maca, it helps boost our libido and it increases testosterone level.
    • Zinc
      You need this for powerful orgasms. It helps increase the volume of your semen to up to %500.


Does Male Extra Scam?

Male Extra does not scam. It has organic ingredients and it doesn’t pose any side effects. I have tried the pills for a month now, what amazes me is that I have felt the result while using it for 3 days. Oh and It only took 3 days for me to receive my order!


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages?

Unlike any other Male Extra reviews that list pros only, I have outlined the pros and the CONS so you can weight things up:



    • It can give you a 3 inches increase in penis length and girth and the results comes fastmale extra reviews
    • It has organic ingredients that are proven to give you not only the length and hardness but the needed endurance as well
    • It helps you control your ejaculation
    • You can use it no matter how old you are and you can stop using it when desired length is achieved
    • It has 90 pills in the box
    • You won’t get embarrassed because it will be shipped discreetly
    • It is bundled with free DVD for male enhancement and gives you free access online
    • Has natural ingredients so there should no worries about getting any type of harsh effects
    • 90 day money back guarantee and 24/7 customer support

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    • Male Extra Comes With A Price
      One month supply costs $59.95. It is more expensive compared to other male enhancement products. However if you buy in bulk you get the better price: $38 per bottle (and lots of additional bonuses as well)
    • Available Online Only
    • UK Based Company


My Conclusion

Doing lots of research to create my own Male Extra review is quite tiresome but I hope you guys will benefit from it.  The product worked for me and I can truly say that it went beyond my expectation.

However, what I can honestly suggest for you is to ask your doctor first before you try the pills. True to its word that it uses natural ingredients but MaleExtra cannot guarantee if these ingredients will not have any form of allergic reaction to your body. Also, i strongly recommend you to do male enhancement exercises that come with each order

Most MaleExtra reviews don’t give out this information. Nevertheless, my own review and most Male Extra reviews agree on one thing; MaleExtra works.


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August 2, 2012

Mike Phillips @ 10:16 am #

Hi Lewis,

Your website is blocked in New Zealand, how can i place an order? Please let me know


August 4, 2012
August 10, 2012

Aaron Tucker @ 10:25 pm #


Are results permanent? Please let me know. Thanks

August 12, 2012
September 6, 2012

Patrick @ 11:03 pm #

Hi Lewis,
I jus got my order today. You are right it took only 3 days. I saw you said the result were permanent, is that really true? How do u access the penis health info online becuase i did not get the dvd, nor do they have any info on how to do so. i cant wait to see some results. contact me via email or here with the gain youve made. Thanks

September 8, 2012
September 16, 2012

john91 @ 11:00 pm #

hey im 21 years old will male extra be good for me?
i have weak erections

September 17, 2012

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