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One should definitely pay attention to cost aside from efficacy when it comes to buying the right penis pill and with Male Extra discount, you are on the right track. I have read a lot of reviews about Male Extra.

I know it definitely works and had made thousands of males become “better men” by helping them out in their sexual health concerns.

The real question now is, how much you have to spend for this product and why would you even invest in this particular product?male extra discount


The Real Male Extra Discount

Okay so now you are planning to buy the most recommended male enhancement supplement in the market and there’s no stopping you from doing it for the love of your sex life. Where do you get it and just how much you are going to pay for it?


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The first thing to do is to visit Male Extra’s official website and get to know just how much you are going to shell out from your pocket. The last time I checked the standard price per box is $59.95. Each box contains 90 pills which will be good for 30 days because you have to take in three pills per day.

It is guaranteed free shipping and there’s a money-back guarantee for 180 days. You can order the goodies through internet or phone by mail order or through credit card. The manufacturers have seen to it that you can avail of the services of the phone and e-mail support 24/7 in case you have questions or complaints.

male extra discountThe latest discount posted with Mae Extra is the one year supply offer which costs only $458.85 which is equivalent to only $38 per box.

This plus other freebies such as free Penis Health Online Access and DVD, Seductive Massage DVD, Real Sex for Real People DVD and one month supply of two other best male enhancement products.

There are 12 boxes of Male Extra in this package. Although this may sound expensive, think of $21.95 you can save for each box.

However, what’s Male Extra discount when you can be a sex god for a year!


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What one should be considering aside from Male Extra discount?

Always remember that cheaper does not always mean better or more effective. If you can afford surgery, go for it. However, surgery does not cure all problems. Sometimes it might even ruin your sex life further because it is more painful and definitely dangerous if you are unfortunate.

Moreover, Male Extra is also packed with top quality herbal ingredients that might be the solution to your problems such as lack of sexual urge, weak, undefined erections , premature and delayed ejaculations or small penis.

Male Extra can turn the fate of your very sad sex life. After only a week’s use you will start feeling the “big” transformations in your body. Your penis will grow, you will have harder erections, stamina and added sexual urges.

This 1500 mg pill is packed with the finest ingredients and is proven effective in all its aspects by the consumers themselves. You can see their reviews and commentaries online.

You get only what you paid for with Male Extra discount, your sex life will prove that.


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March 31, 2012

Mike @ 2:41 pm #

Whatever you do, if you decided to try out a male enhancement pill, stay away from Endowmax. I got the worst side effects from it, and I have tried alot of different pills.

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