What is the male extra dosage?


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Have you been wondering what the male extra dosage is? Well, it is not rocket science. But first of all I guess we should be asking why it is important to know the dosage of any kind of pill we take.male extra dosage

According to medical experts, there are two things that you don’t want to happen when taking a pill.

First, you don’t want to take too much of the pills ingredients and in the process create a stir in your bodily function. When this happens, you will be prone to side effects.

Even if the pill is manufactured using an all natural ingredients it can still cause allergic reactions if your body can no longer handle the amount of ingredients it can normally take.


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Second, you don’t want to take less of the pills ingredients because it won’t give you the desired effect.

Pills have been created according to how the body can react to it and how potent it could be to give the desired results.

We all want an effective supplement, it doesn’t matter for whatever purpose, we need to take the exact amount of ingredients. It should be a no more or less rule. In other words, we have to follow the recommended dosage.


So what is the male extra dosage?

The recommended male extra dosage is 3 pills a day. You have to take it religiously until you get your desired length and width.

Some men who complained that male extra is a rip off takes only two or a pill per day so the result can be seen later than expected.

Also, some who complained that male extra has side effects are actually taking more than three pills per day because they want a faster result.


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How much ingredients are we getting in male extra dosage?

male extra dosageThe male extra pill contains 1500mg of active ingredients. And it is enough to give you the faster result that you wanted. In fact, 1500mg of male extra ingredients per pill is more than any male enhancement pills being put on the market today.

You can take the pill whenever you like. But it is advised that you should take the pill at the same time every day so you won’t forget taking it. Also, it is better if you can take it after each meal.



There have been few reports about male extra scams and side effects but I think the reason behind all these is simply by not taking the recommended dosage. Whatever reason that some men can’t follow the simplest instruction, that I don’t know.

Maybe a few of them wants to save some money so they take less on what is suggested, probably they are just forgetful and maybe they take more thinking it would rapidly increase their penis length and girth.

What I am sure of is male extra works and it worked according to what they promise. Simply follow the easy male enhancement exercises and take the male extra dosage and I can guarantee a sure fire success.


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