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One should definitely pay attention to cost aside from efficacy when it comes to buying the right penis pill and with Male Extra discount, you are on the right track. I have read a lot of reviews about Male Extra.

I know it definitely works and had made thousands of males become “better men” by helping them out in their sexual health concerns.

The real question now is, how much you have to spend for this product and why would you even invest in this particular product?male extra discount


The Real Male Extra Discount

Okay so now you are planning to buy the most recommended male enhancement supplement in the market and there’s no stopping you from doing it for the love of your sex life. Where do you get it and just how much you are going to pay for it?


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The first thing to do is to visit Male Extra’s official website and get to know just how much you are going to shell out from your pocket. The last time I checked the standard price per box is $59.95. Each box contains 90 pills which will be good for 30 days because you have to take in three pills per day.

It is guaranteed free shipping and there’s a money-back guarantee for 180 days. You can order the goodies through internet or phone by mail order or through credit card. The manufacturers have seen to it that you can avail of the services of the phone and e-mail support 24/7 in case you have questions or complaints.

male extra discountThe latest discount posted with Mae Extra is the one year supply offer which costs only $458.85 which is equivalent to only $38 per box.

This plus other freebies such as free Penis Health Online Access and DVD, Seductive Massage DVD, Real Sex for Real People DVD and one month supply of two other best male enhancement products.

There are 12 boxes of Male Extra in this package. Although this may sound expensive, think of $21.95 you can save for each box.

However, what’s Male Extra discount when you can be a sex god for a year!


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What one should be considering aside from Male Extra discount?

Always remember that cheaper does not always mean better or more effective. If you can afford surgery, go for it. However, surgery does not cure all problems. Sometimes it might even ruin your sex life further because it is more painful and definitely dangerous if you are unfortunate.

Moreover, Male Extra is also packed with top quality herbal ingredients that might be the solution to your problems such as lack of sexual urge, weak, undefined erections , premature and delayed ejaculations or small penis.

Male Extra can turn the fate of your very sad sex life. After only a week’s use you will start feeling the “big” transformations in your body. Your penis will grow, you will have harder erections, stamina and added sexual urges.

This 1500 mg pill is packed with the finest ingredients and is proven effective in all its aspects by the consumers themselves. You can see their reviews and commentaries online.

You get only what you paid for with Male Extra discount, your sex life will prove that.


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Any man’s dull, abnormal or unhappy sex life might just need the perks of Male Extra health benefits. Males with sexual health abnormalities may be too busy worrying and male extra health benefitsrechanneling their energies to avoid or hide these sorts of problems because of pride, shame and financial difficulties.

Whether they have smaller-sized penis, erectile dysfunction, too weak to have sex, disinterested in having sexual intercourse or having premature or no ejaculations at all, these problems are too big for them to solve on their own.

They need help because these things may look trivial but they could actually harm the person’s confidence and personality in tremendous ways possible. Surgery of course, is one of the most probable solution for some but aside from the fact that it is very expensive, it can only cure one or two problems.

What about if one has multiple male organ problems?

Male enhancement supplements can provide solutions. However, not all male enhancement pills provide quality results. Some are even scams.

Therefore, one should look for products which are proven to work, safely and effectively. Male Extra is now the next big thing to Viagra according to surveys online.

Male Extra health benefits redefine the male enhancement supplements in the market today.


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What really are the major Male Extra Health benefits?

Male Extra’s all natural ingredients which are highly potent compounds contribute greatly to the efficacy of the product. One very popular and most effective ingredient is pomegranate.

male extra health benefitsPomegranate fruit itself is a wonder fruit which can help greatly in maintaining a healthy male body. It has anti-oxidants and loads of nutrients which increase the vitality of the body and fights off illnesses like cardiovascular diseases.

It has ellagic which prevents prostate cancer by preventing carcinogens from binding , improves sperm motility and prevents abnormal sperm cells.

Male Extra is the only male enhancement pill in the market which has 500 mg ellagic content. So instead of taking in huge amounts of pomegranate juice daily, opt for Male Extra because it contains 70% of ellagic.

L-arginine on the other hand produces nitric oxide which is necessary for faster blood circulation also a prerequisite in having a firmer, harder erection. L-arginine is also a major component of Male Extra.


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What other Male Extra health benefits can one get?

Aside from the fact that Male Extra provides total wellness like preventing male diseases and extra energy and vigor, harder and larger erections with L-arginine, it also has other potent ingredients which can also provide the client with excellent sexual performance.

Zinc, provides better energy levels, Tongkat Ali adds sexual endurance, Mauira Pauma gives an added edge to erection and sexual arousal and MSM repairs and strengthen cartilages in joints and ligaments, essential for giving you a totally powerful erection by improving your cells.

The benefits of Male Extra are not just concentrated in your groin area. It is actually an over-all male health supplement which can give you profuse benefits to make your body healthier and your sex life livelier than ever!

Male Extra health benefits are not just solutions but the best options for a happier more satisfying sex life and total male health.


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Have you been wondering what the male extra dosage is? Well, it is not rocket science. But first of all I guess we should be asking why it is important to know the dosage of any kind of pill we take.male extra dosage

According to medical experts, there are two things that you don’t want to happen when taking a pill.

First, you don’t want to take too much of the pills ingredients and in the process create a stir in your bodily function. When this happens, you will be prone to side effects.

Even if the pill is manufactured using an all natural ingredients it can still cause allergic reactions if your body can no longer handle the amount of ingredients it can normally take.


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Second, you don’t want to take less of the pills ingredients because it won’t give you the desired effect.

Pills have been created according to how the body can react to it and how potent it could be to give the desired results.

We all want an effective supplement, it doesn’t matter for whatever purpose, we need to take the exact amount of ingredients. It should be a no more or less rule. In other words, we have to follow the recommended dosage.


So what is the male extra dosage?

The recommended male extra dosage is 3 pills a day. You have to take it religiously until you get your desired length and width.

Some men who complained that male extra is a rip off takes only two or a pill per day so the result can be seen later than expected.

Also, some who complained that male extra has side effects are actually taking more than three pills per day because they want a faster result.


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How much ingredients are we getting in male extra dosage?

male extra dosageThe male extra pill contains 1500mg of active ingredients. And it is enough to give you the faster result that you wanted. In fact, 1500mg of male extra ingredients per pill is more than any male enhancement pills being put on the market today.

You can take the pill whenever you like. But it is advised that you should take the pill at the same time every day so you won’t forget taking it. Also, it is better if you can take it after each meal.



There have been few reports about male extra scams and side effects but I think the reason behind all these is simply by not taking the recommended dosage. Whatever reason that some men can’t follow the simplest instruction, that I don’t know.

Maybe a few of them wants to save some money so they take less on what is suggested, probably they are just forgetful and maybe they take more thinking it would rapidly increase their penis length and girth.

What I am sure of is male extra works and it worked according to what they promise. Simply follow the easy male enhancement exercises and take the male extra dosage and I can guarantee a sure fire success.


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How to take Male Extra seems to be a very tiny problem compared to having a surgery if your penis size bothers you a lot.

Taking a pill three times a day plus a simple set of exercises to enhance your penis size would logically be more convenient , less hazardous option if you have penile problems than having a very costly, painful and very uncomfortable surgery.

Male Extra has been in the market for over seven years and many satisfied males can attest to its advantageous results.


How to Take Male Extra – Simple Ways to Get the Results Fast

how to take male extraAnybody who is intent on providing the best solution for his problems on erection, size, stamina, semen and sexual drive has to consider a lot of factors, like having a healthier lifestyle, investing on healthy food, adequate exercise and of course taking in the right male enhancement pill like Male Extra to put all worries behind.

Having a healthier lifestyle includes avoiding practices which can worsen erectile problems. Smoking and drinking too much have been found out to have fatal effects on the reproductive system of males.

This unhealthy practice rips off your stamina and lowers your sperm count according to scientific researches.


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How to take Male Extra effectively? Start your day with simple exercises on DVD provided for and free of charge once you buy Male Extra. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Say no to unhealthy practices like smoking and heavy drinking.

Then, do what medical experts suggest, follow the Penis Health exercises religiously for 15 minutes before going to bed. Of course the most important thing is you never forget to take in 3 pills a day of Male Extra.


It’s Not Just About How to Take Male Extra, It’s What Make Up Male Extra!

The 1500 mg of Male Extra pill is a potent mixture of herbal ingredients which have different areas of specialization which are known to work once absorbed by the body.

Every Male Extra box contains 90 pills and each pill has the world’s finest male enhancement ingredients in the world. L-arginine, tongkat ali, Muira Pauma, pomegranate ellagic acid and epidium sagittatum are just a few of the all-natural components responsible for providing the consumer with stamina, increased blood flow, sexual drive, harder erections and growth in the size of the penis.


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The success rate of Male Extra is more that 98%. It can give you as much as three inches more on your penis permanently after only 8 weeks or less depending on your how to take male extrabody’s capacity to absorb the essential nutrients found in its components.

This is why you need to exercise. If you want faster results, take the pill and pair it with exercise so that your body’s processes become more efficient especially when absorbing nutrients.

If you don’t like to exercise, think about the prospect of having a surgery. With surgery you put your health at risk and maybe all your savings just to have a bigger penis. This would not just be very impractical but also very dangerous.

What is fifteen minutes of Penis Health exercise coupled with taking Male Extra three times a day when you are guaranteed of fast results? How To Take Male Extra is as easy as getting a big hard-on and reaping the results would be very satisfying.


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Male Extra results all boil down to a healthier more enjoyable sexual experience not just for the male users but also for their partners. Despite the fact that a new generation of males have acquired extra inches around their penis, extra endurance, toned muscles, healthy semen and libido they also get to have that radiating sexual confidence that every man wants and needs.male extra results


The Precursors of Male Extra Results.

Male Extra is a redefined male enhancement supplement which was developed especially for males who have certain problems in their penile function.

This is a very sensitive issue which does not only involve the most important part of the male anatomy but also entails the psychological processes of the person.

Most males would rather deny that they have these problems, some would resort to violence, anger or projection to hide, escape or would simply try to find even the most desperate solutions.

The psychological effects of having erectile dysfunction or having a small penis are very traumatic and could even ruin a person’s life.


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Male Extra results include all the benefits one can get with continued use. This male enhancement supplement was made through years of research and clinical tests to provide solutions to what is known as the worst male problems.

Each ingredient contained in this supplement works efficiently to bring about fast results. For someone who lacks the sexual urge, muirapauma is a special herb that gives you the libido day in day out and is also accountable for giving you that early morning erections.

For dull, inadequate semen, flax seed will help you pump up the seminal fluids. Too small? Your penis will grow up to five times, solid rock hard-on thanks to L-arginine which ensures a firmer erection.

Too tired to finish the round?

Not anymore with epidium sagittatum which tones the muscles, supplies you with added testosterone and helps in a faster blood flow for stamina and sexual drive.


Male Extra Results to Most Wanted Solutions.

Not all males are lucky to have the biggest penis or the most amazing sexual experience to brag about. Some are just too darn unfortunate to have the worst “equipment” to satisfy the female species.

But, it’s not the end of the world. There male extra resultsare solutions that can make a huge turn on your sex life misery.

Male Extra may not be the magic potion to grant every sexual fantasy but it might be the best solution to your problem.

You might be worried about the cost, availability and side effects of this product.

To put an end to all worries, Male Extra have affordable package solutions with lots of freebies for you, you can purchase it online or over the phone and Male Extra is made up of all natural ingredients which means it is free from fillers, allergens or preservatives which are normally dangerous substances in any product.

Now, who would want to have sex and say sorry all the time? Do something to make sex more interesting! Male Extra Results may just be the best solution to your sexual retribution!


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After a week’s use, you can instantly undergo Male Extra side effects. Most customers can attest that they experienced a whole new sexual transformation which they haven’t dreamed even possible. In a week’s time they get to have more sexual appetite, extra inches around the penis, powerful libido and high expediency climax.


How are Male Extra side effects possible?

Certain ingredients in Male Extra provide the user with various sexual benefits. L-arginine for instance makes one have firmer, rock hard erections.

Once you take in male extra side effectsthe supplement, you will feel your penis grow bigger and stiffer for a long time if sexually aroused. Flax seed is also present in Male Extra which helps provide a healthier, richer and more abundant semen.

Healthier semen would mean a higher sperm count, a fact that is undeniable. Another substance responsible for a healthy sexual appetite or libido and gives you an early morning, wakeup call erections is muirapauma.

This helpful herbal substance works well to give more life to your sexual cravings. Lastly, there’s the epidium sagittatum, an extremely powerful compound which can give more strength to your muscles, can add up your testosterone and can power up your blood circulation.


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Why would anybody want Male Extra Side Effects ?

For first time users the fear of trying out a product which does not work is natural. That is why people normally watch out for any bad results which might happen after using any available product in the market, not just male enhancement supplements.

However, if one would just take time to review the sites regarding the efficacy and safety of using Male Extra, one would see that their fear is baseless.

For long time users of Male Extra, the worst recorded result is probably the early morning erections which is triggered by the pomegranate mix contained in the supplement. Now this is not even a disappointment since early morning erections are male extra side effectsperfectly normal for persons who have a healthy male function system according to studies.

Perhaps the fear of health risks and wasting money on useless products will be eradicated by the fact that all substances used in making Male Extra and Male Extra itself as a male enhancement supplement had undergone rigid clinical tests and scientific research to protect its clients from hazardous effects.

To every action , there is a reaction. There is truth in this scientific theory. Scientific research had brought us wonderful cure to some of our problems, nothing is too trivial nor significant, even the size of a man’s penis.

Male Extra is the next big thing to Viagra.

Unlike Viagra however, Male extra side effects feature advanced breakthroughs in male reproductive health in terms of increased sexual drive, increase in the size of the penis, smooth-sailing blood circulation and healthy semen.

So if you are still not convinced that Male Extra side effects are actually the best side effects one could possibly have try it yourself and see the difference.


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This is a review of Male Extra, click below if you are looking for:


Does Male Extra Work?

There’s no denying the fact that this brand of potent male enhancement pill has made a lot of males satisfied with their sex life. In our fast-paced consumer-driven world, people have developed a keen sense for products that work and products that should be thrown out. In the field of male enhancement pills, only Male Extra so far has established a name which can be trusted by its does male extra workcustomers.

However, we need to examine closely what this product has to offer and what advantages and disadvantages it could do to you.


How does male extra work?

Male extra may not be the cure-all pill some exaggerated advertisements of male enhancement products employ.

Male extra is a genuine male enhancement pill which is widely used nowadays because of its tested and proven efficacy in battling the problems of erectile dysfunction, sublevel performance during sexual intercourse and a small-sized penis.


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Male Extra contains maca, a powerful substance known to provide its users with tremendous amount of energy during sexual intercourse. All of the ingredients in this pill are guaranteed safe to use because they are natural substances which could be easily absorbed by the body.

What’s more is that these substances make the male body manufacture more testosterone, an essential hormonal compound for multiple orgasms. You might not believe this, but pomegranate is actually the fruit which could be like an aphrodisiac and is included in this pill too.

This fruit brings in twice as the effect of Viagra. Once these compounds start their work on the natural processes of the body, your penis is guaranteed to grow as much as five inches, your ejaculation more and powerful and your stamina would simply be amazing.


Does male extra work, compared to other brands?

Of course, the desired effects like increased sexual drive, harder erections, bigger penis, longer stamina and increased sperm count would have gradual improvements over continued use.

Other brands would promise a customer almost anything and would write anything to hype the product , but information written here are based on the testimonials of people who have actually tested and tried this product for years.

does male extra workIn addition, data presented here are based on actual research of the manufacturers in the aim to provide the best male enhancement product.


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Research shows that almost 80% of males have problems dealing with problems related to their poor sexual performance and other related factors. The remaining twenty seems uncertain how to even deal with it.

What most people fail to consider sometimes is that some male enhancement products which are actually scams could lead to further depression and desperation and could actually be very dangerous to one’s health.

Thus in reality, the market is teeming with products with wonderful promises and the decision what to choose is crucial for a consumer.

If you are looking for a wise buy especially in male enhancement supplements, always consider these few simple steps: Research, Rethink and Reaffirm by checking out the feedbacks or reviews about the product.

So if you ask again and again, Does Male Extra work? Absolutely, reviews will reaffirm that. Perhaps you can answer this question easily, Does male Extra work for you?


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This is a review of Male Extra, click below if you are looking for:


For someone who never had an amazing sex life because of erectile dysfunction or semen production, the option to buy male extra is not just a suggestion it is the only option one could ever have.

Since the competition for male enhancement supplements is stiffer than a prospective consumer’s penis, it is very important that one should take into account the most amazing benefits this product can bring.


Buy Male Extra and Reap the Reward.

Male extra is the ultimate male enhancement product which after continued use would buy male extraconsequently power up your ejaculation by utmost 500%. It contains Maca, a powerful substance which can provide you with more energy to keep you going, in any kind of sexual performance.

Furthermore, it makes you have orgasms like you never had it before. One of the ingredients that also adds to the efficacy of this product is the pomegranate solution which is widely used nowadays because it was proven to be more effective than viagra.

Make your sexual fantasies and cravings possible. Invest on a product that can guarantee results fast!


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Invest on the product that works: Buy Male Extra.

Male Extra is not just an over-the-counter drug that is made up of substances which could just be found anywhere. Male extra is made from all natural ingredients with the buy male extrafinest mixes of herbs and organic compounds which could be easily absorbed by the body.

Aside from the fact that it gives you fantastic ejaculation and long-lasting endurance it also gives you a bigger penis by up to three inches. Your erection can never be more intense, harder and more powerful thereafter.

Male extra is composed of thousands of potent elements which could possibly turn the tide in terms of your sexual experience. There are no found side effects since the ingredients are natural compared to other male enhancement products which are synthetic and pose a greater threat to your health.


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Male extra can be purchased over the phone, by mail order or even through your credit card. It has 180 days guarantee and has round the clock support system for consumers.

Aside from the most effective ingredients included in this supplement, you also get freebies with the packages depending on the length of subscription desired if you buy Male extra.

One of these items are sensual Massage, Penis Health online , DVD penis enlargement exercises, love central online and ultimate online love-making guide: Perfect goodies for couples who want to reinvent their sexual life!

buy male extraWhat every man wants is to satisfy a greater part of his being, his sexual life. This won’t be possible if you cannot satisfy your partner as well.

What every man needs is to have the healthy male body and the body parts especially the penis to work well so he can achieve the goal. However, not all males are blessed with healthy reproductive organs and some just need a little bit of help.

Now, help is just around the corner. After years and years of research, the ultimate answer to almost all penile problems is finally here: Male Extra.

If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to visit our website and find out how this product can help you. Better yet, seek medical advice first to check whether you are fit enough to try this product. Also, research on the ingredients contained in this particular product.

Now you know the reasons why you need to buy male extra. It is not a suggestion, it’s your only option.


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This is a review of Male Extra, click below if you are looking for:


You need to know the male extra ingredients so you can decide if it is safe or not. The ingredients determine the effectiveness of the product. Usually the products that have the potent natural ingredients are the safest and the most effective.

male extra ingredientsMost male enhancement pills nowadays don’t use natural ingredients so they can have a short cut for “faster results”. The problem with this method is that substances created in the laboratories cannot guarantee safety.

Sometimes it causes inflammation and it is the last thing you need if you have a small penis. Also, most ingredients are for increasing the penis length but it won’t give the strength needed during sexual intercourse.

For male enhancement, we need two things to work. First we need to have the size to reach our partner’s satisfaction point. Second, we need to have the endurance to carry on what we do so our partner can come.

Without those two components, we cannot have great sex. These two should go hand in hand.


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What are the male extra ingredients?

These are the natural ingredients combined to create male extra pills

male extra ingredientsPomegranate– is a well known natural Viagra. This is the main ingredients in male extra pills. It promotes health in your penis blood vessels and it boost hardness and erection during long hours of sex.

Epimedium sagittatum– this ingredient relaxes the major muscles that works during erection. Thus, it gives a good flow of blood within the penis giving it more time to stay erect.

L-arginine– it breaks down nitric oxide. Works very similar with epimedium sagittatum, it relaxes the muscles surrounding the penis giving it harder erections.

Maca– it will increase your sperm count by up to 200% and can boost your libido by up to 180%.

Tangkat ali – it has been proven to increase your libido, sexual desire and increase the levels of testosterone. Testosterone levels needs to increase so you can perform consistently during long hours of sexual intercourse.

Zinc – this ingredient will give you the powerful orgasm. It can increase your semen by up to 500%


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Can male extra ingredients do the job for you?

It can definitely do the job. It has the ingredients to increase you penis size. It also has the ingredients to give you more endurance and increase your testosterone level. Lastly, it can increase the volume of your semen.

The ingredients in male extra can without a doubt achieve what we need for great sex; the length and girth and the endurance.


My conclusion

We definitely need an all natural ingredients to ensure safety. Having said that, we also need an effective ingredient. As we can see, male extra ingredients have it all for a complete male enhancement.

Those ingredients can provide the length and girth; it can give you endurance and can give you the extra amount of semen for a quality orgasm. Just take note that increasing your penis length requires you to perform the easy male enhancement exercises.

The ingredients will only help in increasing the blood flow and maintain your penis health while you do the exercises. The male extra ingredients have been proven to work and can help you achieve the results fast.


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This is a review of male extra scam, click below if you are looking for:


Everyone who wants to try male extra always asks first, “Is male extra a scam?”. This is just normal because we always want to get our money’s worth. We have to male extra scamconsider the time and the risk that we are taking when using a certain male enhancement method.

The last thing that we want to experience is adding injury to the insult. Imagine getting a side effect with an already tiny “winny”. It would hurt for sure. We also want to get our money’s worth.

Personally, I don’t want spending so much just to get those extra inches. Those extra inches are worth a thousand bucks. It can literally change your lifestyle, personality and behavior. It is all for our own good.


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Why do most men ask if there is a male extra scam?

Well, if you have read what the product promises, what the reviews says about the product and what the customers say in customer testimonials you would think that male extra might be a scam.

It is just too good to be true. It promises to increase your length to up to 3 inches, give you more endurance and will give you cosmic orgasm by adding volume to your ejaculation. Now, tell me, would you believe in those promises right away?

I did not. I have tried numerous male enhancement methods and not a single product was able to give me even half of what male extra promised.


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Does male extra scam?

I have summed up my experiences when I tried the product and we will both judge if male extra is indeed a scam?

  1. Before I bought male extra, I checked on the ingredients and it’s all natural. Simply means that it will not hurt your penis in any way. Just be sure to visit your physician first before you try the product. Although it is rare but these natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions if you have previous diseases.
  2. When I ordered the product, the next day it was delivered in my front door. The company won’t run away from you after you’ve made the payment. So don’t worry about it.
  3. male extra scamI have used it for three days and I can already feel the result. Although the actual result can be seen within a month but I already felt the extra hardness and extra endurance I needed during sex. My semen’s volume also increased in no time.
  4. The product doesn’t hide some dust under the rug. They disclose that you need to do some easy male enhancement exercises for better results. Don’t worry they will give to you for free.
  5. Male extra offers a 90 day money back guarantee and I have tried calling their customer service and they respond very fast.
  6. It accepts all major credit cards and their website has been there for quite some time. Scammers site won’t last that long because they run away in the first place.


BUY Male Extra Now!


Bottom line

Male extra scam doesn’t exist. The product is a bit expensive but it can give you the overall value. You can definitely identify if a certain product is a scam because they don’t value their customers.

They simply hate long term relationship. Male extra on the other hand, promotes good relationship between their customers.

I hope to have answered your question, “Does Male Extra scam?”


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